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Prednisone is an immunosuppressive medicine that belongs to corticosteroid hormones. It alters the method our immune system jobs by protecting against the release important in the body that create swelling. Prednisone is generally prescribed for arthritis, sensitive reactions, taking a breath ailments, skin diseases, kidney diseases, eye troubles, immune system conditions, and particular cancers cells. Prednisone is also used to suppress the immune system and stop the physical body from denying transplanted organs.

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Prednisone ought to be taken with meals to stop indigestion. Medical professional suggests its quantity and regularity of taking depending upon specific disorders and response to therapy. Its negative effects are usually not major. Prednisone can weaken your immune system and boost the risk of grabbing some infection or getting worse an infection that you may already have. As a result, you ought to avoid calls with contaminated or ill people. Prednisone may additionally lower your sex drive.

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